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Behind the Scenes of Communications- Stephane's Perspective

By: Stephane Kirenga, Dhaka, Bangladesh I’m a fourth-year student at the University of Ottawa, studying political science and communication. I’m currently working remotely for the United Nations Population Fund in Bangladesh as a communication officer. As a member of the communication team, I’m working with various UNFPA’s sections to effectively communicate the core message of the agency throughout every social platform and information release. Recently, I’ve been given the task to revise and redact the Gender Equality Movement in Schools (GEMS) curriculum manual and to improve the quality of the document. The manual was originally written in Bengali and translated into English and needed to be upgraded. This project is managed by UNFPA’s Adolescent and Youth leadership team. Moreover, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the work that goes behind the official  e-launch of the State of the World Population report (SWOP). The annual SWOP report is  UNFPA’s flagship publication on the

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